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Challenge Round game experts will help you with the games rules and will ensure you enjoy board games with your friends, family and kids.  

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Enjoy a long list of strategy, family, Kids, party, strategy, dexterity, cooperative, war and RPG games.


Be part of many gaming events and tournaments. That include a weekly gathering of friendly chess night, Board games gatherings, war games, heavy board games, and D&D.


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Challenge Round is a specialised board game club, store and cafe. The club gives access to members to library of hundreds of modern award winning board games where you can enjoy with friend and families at the cafe. 

The staff are handpicked to offer you the greatest possible enjoyable experience with board games.The store offers more then 500 board games for sale and cafe has a wide selection of snacks and beverages to elevate your experience while your are enjoying playing board games.

Meet new people, discover new games, play chess and participate in tournaments at challenge round's weekly meetup events and activities.

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Board games are tabletop social activity games for friends and families. They are extremely fun to play, contain awesome miniatures or components, beautiful thematic illustrations and they have exciting game concepts and ideas. Modern board games are printed in limited quantities and for limited time and they are designed to keep all the game players in the game having fun until the end. Players can play together cooperatively or against themselves. Board games are modern hobby where we can learn and share our collection of board games with everyone.

Challenge Round memberships grants you access to challenge Round board game cafe and the games library with a very low monthly price to play anything anytime you like. The games library is updated with new games every week. Challenge Round's handpicked gaming experts will help to choose and play games and will always assist you in games rules.

You can access challenge rounds play space and the board games library with a low fixed monthly cost. The prices range from SR 49 to SR 115 a month. All events and meetups are only included for free for the "Pioneer Gamer" memberships.

You can access for free Challenge Round board game cafe in Jeddah. The membership will also grant you access to any Challenge round's future locations with in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Challenge round subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from your account on challenge round's website by choosing the cancellation request option.

Challenge Round has a huge award winning modern board game library. These games are classified by categories like strategy games, business games, civilisation games, Party Games, War Games, Role play games, Family Games, light games, kids games, detective games, fantasy games, science fiction games, science games ,horror games, fighting games, cooperative games, secret room games, abstract games, puzzles and many more.

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